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Spurs: Exploring the Biggest Shot in Every Championship Run

San Antonio Spurs Sean Elliott
San Antonio Spurs Sean Elliott / ROBERT SULLIVAN/GettyImages
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The San Antonio Spurs made a habit out of demoralizing opponents with timely shots throughout their championship runs from 1999 to 2014. From series-shifting threes to championship-saving plays, there were key moments in all five NBA Championship runs that will forever live in Spurs history.

As someone closely following the team for every title they won, I still remember where I was when some of these shots were made as if it happened yesterday. They're the kind of moments that stick with you when you consider the stakes and how everything could be different if just that one shot didn't go in.

As part of Spurs' Championship Week, I sought to re-visit each of the postseason runs that led to an NBA title for San Antonio to determine the single biggest shot in each one. As usual with my lists, I'm factoring in my personal feelings, but I'll also be using the clutch factor and difficulty of shots to make my determinations.

Beginning with 1999, here are the single biggest shots during a championship postseason run for all five Spurs' titles.