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San Antonio Spurs: What should the big man pecking order be?

Luka Samanic, Jakob Poeltl
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San Antonio Spurs - Third Tier Bigs

Drew Eubanks

Now heading into his fourth year with the San Antonio Spurs, Drew Eubanks has certainly paid his dues to the team. Any time he's asked to come in and provide energy, he's done exactly that. He also has some very fun-to-watch displays of athleticism quite often.

Still, given what the big man depth now looks like, I don't see the 6-9 center as the best backup option in the upcoming season. Although he improved in most categories last season, he's beaten to the hole frequently and struggles a bit when it comes to defending taller, skilled bigs.

If Drew can bring his improved jump shot that Chip Engelland called the best on the team in 2022, then he might change my mind about his on-court value. His first preseason game was definitely a great start.

San Antonio Spurs
Al-Farouq Aminu / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Al-Farouq Aminu

At age 30, Al-Farouq Aminu is now on his seventh team in 12 years. Like Eubanks, he's shown flashes at times of being an effective basketball player. On this team, however, I don't really see him getting many minutes.

Aminu is likely going to be on the chopping block as a trade or waive candidate when San Antonio has to cut some talent next month, so there's not really a point in doing a deep dive into his impact with the Spurs for now.