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San Antonio Spurs: What should the big man pecking order be?

Luka Samanic, Jakob Poeltl
Luka Samanic, Jakob Poeltl / Ronald Cortes/Getty Images
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The San Antonio Spurs have several rotation questions to answer in the next few months. Given the drastic change in the roster, it'll likely be several weeks into the season before we truly know the solution to many.

If Gregg Popovich is going to surprise many and lead the Spurs back to an unexpected playoff berth, he'll need to establish some stability in his rotations before too long to give his young guys time to gel and get used to playing without a bonafide All-Star on the court. While the biggest roster logjam is at the wing position, there's still the matter of locking down what the big man rotation should look like.

Although there will likely be cuts to this group, here are the guys 6-8 and above who would be expected to play at center and power forward if they get minutes in the 2021-22 campaign.

Doug McDermott
Al-Farouq Aminu
Thaddeus Young
Drew Eubanks
Luka Samanic
Jock Landale
Zack Collins
Jakob Poeltl

Since we're still unsure of which guys might be waived or traded to trim the roster down by October 18th, I'll be dividing all eight guys into tiers based on my thoughts on what the rotation should be. Let's get started with the end-of-the-bench guys.