San Antonio Spurs: This awful Ben Simmons trade idea must be shamed

Ben Simmons, Dejounte Murray
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The Proposed trade was actually aggregated into a second post

As someone who relies on aggregating stories from the higher-up outlets like ESPN or The Athletic from time to time, I understand the need for such a thing. But what would possess a sane person to publish this idea online for all eternity a second time? Well, that's what Inquisitr decided to do on Sunday.

In a post entitled: "Spurs Could Acquire Ben Simmons For Package Centered On Dejounte Murray In Proposed Blockbuster", JB Baruelo proposes that Ben Simmons could be Coach Popovich's final project before retirement.

In the article(?), he states the Spurs would "definitely think twice before giving up three young players and draft picks for Simmons", but that he'd be a worthy gamble. He also posits whether such a trade would even be worth it for the Sixers. Someone, please make sense of it all.

Ben Simmons is a fantastic defender and playmaker in the open court, don't get me wrong. But let's get serious here. What this proposal is suggesting is essentially for the Spurs to throw away most of the their future for someone who has numerous glaring offensive issues.

Would Chip Engelland and Coach Popovich be able to help Simmons with his issues? Probably. I wouldn't be opposed to having talent like him on the team, of course. But the Spurs aren't the Sacramento Kings. They won't deal just for the sake of dealing.

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Be wary of the "rumors" you read this offseason, Spurs fans. Some of them just aren't worth your time.