San Antonio Spurs: This awful Ben Simmons trade idea must be shamed

Ben Simmons, Dejounte Murray
Ben Simmons, Dejounte Murray / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images
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San Antonio Spurs
Ben Simmons, Dejounte Murray / Cameron Pollack/Getty Images

The Horrific trade proposal between the San Antonio Spurs and 76ers

The trade proposal that someone actually approved to be published on the world wide web is as follows:

Spurs Receive: Ben Simmons
Philadelphia 76ers Receive: Dejounte Murray, Devin Vassell, Lonnie Walker IV, 2021 first-round picks(?), 2023 first-round pick.

Whoo, boy. I just don't even know where to begin here. First of all, me pluralizing first-round picks isn't a typo. Despite the Spurs having just one first-round pick in 2021, the article still reads that way. On top of that, San Antonio is giving up three high-level players, including their 11th pick last year in Devin Vassell, plus yet another first-round pick in 2023 for Simmons.

In an argument for why the Spurs would make the deal, the author comes up with this gem: "He is a special case at the position because of his size and inability to shoot the ball."

I'm sorry, just what exactly are we doing here? And can we not? Let me just say this: I wouldn't even trade Dejounte for Ben straight up. Sure, I know that's easy to say after his stock is at an all-time low after his embarrassing Game 7 fizzle-out against Atlanta. Still, it doesn't make it any less true.

Just look at Simmons' production when the pressure was on the most against the Hawks:

Look, I understand Ben does many things well and earned his three All-Star nods in the Eastern Conference. But we're talking about giving up two of the Spurs' top three defenders in Murray and Vassell, a rising athlete in Lonnie Walker, PLUS two future assets? Just an utter embarrassment of a suggestion all around. Unfortunately, it gets even worse.