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Spurs: Answering 3 Burning questions before NBA free agency

Keldon Johnson, Dejounte Murray
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We're not quite at the start of the NBA free agency period and the San Antonio Spurs have already been at the forefront of some of the biggest rumors of the summer.

Speculation of which big names they could pursue with their rich cap space and the issue of what may happen with Lonnie Walker are just the tip of the iceberg. The past week-plus has been dominated by the biggest name in San Antonio, Dejounte Murray, and it all came to a head when they pulled the trigger on a blockbuster deal sending him to the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday.

Fresh off a stellar All-Star season, Murray had been the talk of the town in NBA circles, with teams like the New York Knicks and Minnesota Timberwolves also showing interest in the past few days.

Let's go ahead and get started with the story that dominated the Spurs' news cycle until the organization finally pulled the trigger on the trade.

San Antonio Spurs
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1. What's next after the Dejounte Murray trade?

It's definitely been an unexpected twist to the Spurs' offseason that their best player and potential foundational piece is no longer in the Alamo City. Murray was the brightest spot for San Antonio in a season that was otherwise not very notable besides Coach Popovich's wins record. The community acted as a collective set of proud parents when he made his All-Star debut in Cleveland.

And now he's an Atlanta Hawk.

In short, the immediate future seems to be one of some short-term pain with brightness on the horizon later on. The Spurs likely won't be very good this coming season, and that's something the front office is aware of. But they now have a whopping 23 picks to utilize over the next six seasons.

Brian Wright and company are putting all of their faith in their drafting ability plus the development of guys like Devin Vassell, Keldon Johnson, and Josh Primo to lead the way this season. Again, it likely won't result in many wins -- but at the very least, this puts San Antonio out of the mediocrity pool and into another likely lottery situation.

Next, let's look at the cap space San Antonio has and what their options are.