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San Antonio Spurs: Answering 3 burning offseason questions

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Question 2: Did the San Antonio Spurs actually get better?

With high offseason expectations from fans, the Spurs' front office likely felt a lot of pressure to improve the roster, particularly after missing the playoffs each of the last two seasons. That said, it is an open question whether GM Brian Wright did enough to help the team compete next season.

On one hand, the Spurs did address their lack of 3-point shooting by adding more shooters to the roster, including McDermott, Forbes, Primo, Wieskamp, and Landale. After all, better shooting could have a big impact on the overall offense after ranking just 21st in offensive rating this past season.

On the other hand, I believe not aggressively pursuing John Collins or attempting to sign Markannen and Oubre Jr. with their significant cap space was a big missed opportunity. Then there's the baffling decision to re-sign Bryn Forbes, who, despite shooting 45% from three last season, is among the worst defensive players in the NBA.

While San Antonio could also use more shooting, I don't believe Forbes makes sense with their roster, particularly when players like Dejounte Murray and Derrick White could play increased minutes next season while Bryn could take minutes from other young players.

Despite possible missteps, San Antonio could also be better defensively next season. In addition to Murray and White, Keldon Johnson and Jakob Poeltl could all play big minutes as starters, which should benefit the Spurs defense after they finished just 17th last season. Therefore, a more efficient offense, and an improved defense, could help the team remain competitive. That said, it's unclear whether the front office has done enough to actually improve the team quite yet.