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Spurs: Addressing 5 Unanswered Questions Through 1st Quarter of Season

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3. What does the future hold for Thaddeus Young?

Just about everyone I hear from within Spurs media circles is of the opinion that Thaddeus Young won't be in San Antonio for much longer. At 33 years old and wanting to contend, his fit just doesn't make sense with the Spurs despite his impressive play.

It's a situation that would be much more awkward if Thaddeus wasn't the consummate professional both on and off the court, which, ironically, would have made him even more of a perfect fit in the Alamo City in another timeline.

The odds are decent that the Spurs will continue to showcase Young in an effort to move him by the February 10th trade deadline. While there will likely be many contending suitors like the Phoenix Suns, I'd still expect the front office to wait out for the best possible deal before pulling the trigger.

Shedding Young should open up minutes at the center position for the more long-term options discussed earlier.