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San Antonio Spurs: 6 NBA Draft prospects from the Big East

James Bouknight - Semifinals Creighton v UConn
James Bouknight - Semifinals Creighton v UConn / Porter Binks/Getty Images
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Collin Gillespie - Kansas v Villanova / Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Collin Gillespie - Guard, Villanova

Because the NCAA decided last August that it would grant players an extra year of eligibility (in light of COVID-19), Collin Gillespie opted to remain at Villanova for his fifth season with the team. So, much like Julian Champagnie, the NBA will have to wait on his arrival. That being said, even if he does enter the draft next summer, the Spurs should look elsewhere in 2022. 

Gillespie is a decent scorer and passer, but his defensive IQ is simply not there. He isn't a great athlete and is usually unable to score off of floaters and runners. He is expected to go in the second round next year, although I think there's a good possibility that he could go undrafted. He will also be coming back from a torn MCL and could very well see a slowdown in his scoring production. His shooting percentages, while decent, have never shown any noticeable improvement despite already playing for four years. 

Beyond that, there isn’t really much else to say about Gillespie. The Spurs have more athletic guards coming off the bench already and they won’t need to roll the dice on another one that, frankly, has a lower NBA ceiling. If he goes undrafted, I suspect he’ll easily be able to garner some attention in Europe, which would by no means be a bad move for him.