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San Antonio Spurs: 6 NBA Draft prospects from the Big East

James Bouknight - Semifinals Creighton v UConn
James Bouknight - Semifinals Creighton v UConn / Porter Binks/Getty Images
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Julian Champagnie - St. John's v Butler / Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Julian Champagnie, Guard/Forward, St. John’s

Well, as it turns out, 2021 won’t be the year Champagnie enters the league. After a monstrous season, he recently opted to return to St. John’s. He was projected by most to be a second-round pick and evidently was displeased enough with that to opt to run it back for the Red Storm instead. 

The Spurs will be forced to wait on him since he isn’t entering the draft this year, but that wait could be worth it. He’s 6'8" and has very impressive strength. As the Big East's most improved player, he was able to put up about 20 points, 7 rebounds, and just over one assist, steal, and block per game.

His shooting numbers make me very optimistic about him making great impressions on teams in next year's draft, as he was able to make 37% of his threes while also hitting over six shots from inside the arc on any given night. Champagnie debatably could have entered the draft this year, but he had a wrist injury and felt he could play even better at full strength. No matter where he'll be projected to go in the 2022 NBA Draft, San Antonio should be looking out for him.

After another year at St. John’s, he could be one of the better scorers and defenders in the country, tailor-made to be an excellent two-way player. Given the Spurs' history with talented two-way players, he'll surely be on their radar next season, and he could be a great pickup in next year's draft.