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San Antonio Spurs: 6 NBA Draft prospects from the Big East

James Bouknight - Semifinals Creighton v UConn
James Bouknight - Semifinals Creighton v UConn / Porter Binks/Getty Images
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The 2021 NBA Draft will surely be a big one for the San Antonio Spurs and could help to alter the future of the team. The team will have the 12th and 41st picks this year, and there is no reason to think that they won’t be able to find productive talent at either spot on the board.

The world of college basketball is often as confusing as it is massive. Some conferences are home to lottery picks as well as undrafted players who go on to have productive careers. The Big East is one of those major conferences that often produces NBA-caliber talent. In the basketball world, it is considered a powerhouse, boasting the likes of Villanova, UConn, Georgetown, and Xavier. We could soon be seeing some of their most talented players going in either or both rounds of this year's draft.

Six particularly enticing options played in the Big East this past season, although only some of them decided to declare for this year's draft. The best cross-section of talent is the All-Conference first team which boasts stars from five schools. Featured are three guards and three forwards, although many of them are versatile enough to play a new role or perhaps even play positionless basketball.

Here, we're going to take time to talk about some of the Big East's best players of this past season, what kind of talent they each bring to the table, and how they could potentially fit into the Spurs' young core.