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San Antonio Spurs: 5 Spookiest stats of the first 5 games

Derrick White, Aaron Gordon
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2. 15 Free throw attempts per game (29th), 64% FT shooting (30th)

Last season, DeMar DeRozan led the Spurs in free throw attempts with 7.2 per game. So far through five games, The top two Spurs combined are only averaging 7.0.

The dramatic drop in free throw attempts is predictable. After all, there isn't a shot creator as talented as DeRozan on the team anymore and there isn't a superstar on the court to get superstar calls. Still, hovering at or near the bottom of the league in free throw attempts isn't great.

Making matters worse for the Spurs is the fact that they're shooting free throws very poorly. Failing to make free throws already cost them one game against the Los Angeles Lakers despite LeBron James sitting out.

Keldon Johnson is getting to the line (5.0) more than double the amount of the second guy on the list, Lonnie Walker. Beyond that, Derrick White (1.8) and Dejounte Murray (1.4) need to be the guys to draw more fouls going forward. Making those freebies would be nice too.

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3. Jock Landale - 5 Minutes of playing time

Given the year he just had in the NBL and his passion for the game, there's just no reason Jock Landale should be glued to the bench on a nightly basis in San Antonio. He has many of the tools that would go well with this group -- mainly his ability to run the floor, knock down threes, and distribute the ball. Instead, we're seeing Drew Eubanks exclusively taking the backup center role.

I recently wrote about why the decision to bench Landale by Coach Popovich is baffling, so I won't spend much more time on it. I'll just say this shouldn't be a regular occurrence as the season goes on. All respect to Eubanks, but he doesn't have some of the skills Jock has already proven he has overseas.

Jock isn't going to be a savior, but with so many narrow losses, his impact could make more of a difference than you might think.