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San Antonio Spurs: 5 Spookiest stats of the first 5 games

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The Halloween season is upon us, and the San Antonio Spurs are providing us with some scary data. Other than their 1-4 start to the season, some trends both team-wide and individual have made fans want to run away screaming.

Of course, most or all of these should correct themselves at least to some degree as time goes on. After all, we're only 6 percent into the NBA season. But these five spooky numbers can't last too long if the Spurs expect to treat their fans to some unexpected success this season. Let's get started.

San Antonio Spurs
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1. Keldon Johnson: 1-of-12 from 3, 8.3%

While Keldon Johnson has had a fairly successful start to the season so far, his outside shot has yielded some terrifying results. Thursday's game in Dallas marked the first time he hit a 3-pointer all season and it came in his 12th attempt.

There are a few factors to consider with Johnson's rough shooting start. First off, his shooting form seems to change and have more variance in it depending on where he is on the court. I recently spoke with a shooting expert to give more details on his issue.

"He has staggered feet variation and his pivot position varies depending on which side of the court he’s on," said Roger Galo. "This is also an issue at the foul line as well. He has a good arc but not optimum rotation."

Another thing I've noticed is Keldon seems to have more success on corner threes, as he did a couple of times in the Olympics this summer. His one made three against Dallas was from the corner. Maybe it's time to turn Johnson into another patented corner shooter a la Bruce Bowen?