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San Antonio Spurs: 5 Predictions for First Month of the Season

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...And No One Pays Any Attention

After playing some of the best basketball in the entire league for a week, Spurs fans rejoice. The NBA media, however, looks elsewhere. Sure, the Spurs beat Indiana by 15, but look at how well Sabonis played despite that! Yeah, the Magic lost by 20 and allowed Murray to score a career-high, but Jalen Suggs hit two deep threes, so they focus on that.

The Thunder are a young team on the rise, and Marvin Bagley III, despite being embarrassed over and over by Landale, managed to send one of his hook shots into the stands, so that clip plays on ESPN for days. 

Don’t worry, just when you’ve gotten fed up with reading and watching NBA analysis and opinions, Air Alamo will be there! The Spurs may have become the forgotten team in the league, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be one of the most underrated and fun. 

The Spurs Finish the Month 8-7

After the first 15 games of the season, the Spurs will actually have a winning record! Aside from their four wins in early November, the Spurs will beat Orlando in the first game of the season, stun the Bucks at the AT&T Center, and then beat the injured Clippers and turbulent Timberwolves to finish out the month.

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The Spurs will lose to the Bucks, Lakers (twice), Mavs (thrice), and Nuggets. Overall, the team will be forgotten in the standings by most people, but many Spurs fans will be pleasantly surprised. Hopefully, that momentum will carry on to the rest of the season.