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5 Players Who Would Have Made Perfect San Antonio Spurs

Draymond Green, Keldon Johnson
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5. Ben Wallace

Ben Wallace is probably the best defender the NBA has ever seen. He led the league in rebounds twice, blocks once, and was a four-time Defensive Player of the Year Award winner. 

There have been 25 instances of a player being an NBA All-Star with fewer than ten points per game. Ben Wallace accounts for four of them. He averaged more rebounds than points every single year of his career, which even Dennis Rodman did not do. 

He was a winner who only cared about his ring, his rebounds, and his blocked shots. After David Robinson retired, imagine Ben Wallace taking his place. Tim Duncan could work in the post, where he excelled, and Ben Wallace could ruin anyone’s day. 

In his 12 career NBA Finals games, he averaged 2.1 blocks, 12 rebounds, 2.8 fouls, 1.75 steals, and over 50% shooting. These 12 games were against Karl Malone, Shaq, and Duncan. He outrebounded Malone and Shaq (not Duncan though, GOAT), and blocked more shots than all three of them. Oh, he also had more steals in the finals than Gary “The Glove” Payton. 

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Ben Wallace would have been the perfect Spur to fill the void left by David Robinson. He probably would have gotten in some fights and there might have been a Malice at the AT&T Center, but hey, more rings for the Spurs. Ben Wallace was a competitor, a dog, and a champion who would have elevated San Antonio basketball.