5 Players Who Would Have Made Perfect San Antonio Spurs

Draymond Green, Keldon Johnson
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San Antonio Spurs
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3. Ray Allen

Up until recently, one could claim Ray Allen was the best 3-point shooter ever. Steph Curry now undeniably holds that crown, but Allen shot 40% over his 19-year career and paired that with pretty good defense. Efficient scoring and good defense? Sounds like a Spur to me. 

When the Spurs won championships, they were usually a top three-point shooting team in the league. After they won in 2014, they started slipping down in terms of attempts per game. At his peak, Allen was taking between six and eight shots from deep a game. Insert that version of Allen in the 2014-2017 Spurs and they probably just keep winning. 

Of course, it helps if we move up the timeline and place Allen on the 2013 roster. Then the Spurs are almost guaranteed an extra win in 2013, just because he wouldn’t be on the Heat to beat them in Game 6.