5 Players Who Would Have Made Perfect San Antonio Spurs

Draymond Green, Keldon Johnson
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San Antonio Spurs
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2. Jae Crowder

Spoiler alert: Jae Crowder is the worst player on this list. He’s never made an All-Star game or won a championship and has never even come close to making an All-Defensive team. But Crowder wants to win, tries to win, and has played important roles on some pretty good teams. 

Crowder has never really been a starter, and on a Spurs roster, he would continue to come off the bench. 

He wouldn’t be the first man off the bench, either, as Manu Ginobili has always been a much better player. With Manu and Patty Mills running the floor, Boris Diaw dishing absurd passes from down low, and Crowder in the corner to hit a three (which he is deceivably good at) the Spurs bench unit would be very good at spacing the floor.

Do they win any extra championships because Crowder is there? Probably not, but his tenacity, passing, and underrated shooting give the Spurs another weapon whose general demeanor and attitude would fit in perfectly with the championship roster.