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San Antonio Spurs: 5 Bold but possible results for 2021-22

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4. Most likely to underperform

Lonnie Walker has plenty of talent, but there is a real possibility that he underperforms this season. His performance in the preseason thus far has been hit or miss despite playing a more prevalent role off the bench. 

Walker is playing for his next contract and there is a lot of money at stake. While that could light a much-needed fire under him, it could also lead him to force the issue when he isn’t playing well, possibly leading to more mistakes.

Walker remains San Antonio's biggest wildcard and could just as easily live up to or even exceed expectations. However, he is also the player most likely to underperform for the Spurs this season.

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5. Most Likely to overachieve

Spurs rookie Joshua Primo appears to be the most likely to overachieve this season. While that may seem like a low bar for the 12th overall pick, at just 18, Primo is the youngest Spur in team history. Despite his age and the perception that he will be a long-term project, Primo played well in the summer league and has played well in the preseason. 

In addition to his impressive performances, he plays with confidence and looks comfortable playing with and against more experienced NBA players. Overall, it's beginning to look like a possible steal after his selection was initially criticized. It’s unclear just how much he will play this season, though if given the chance to play, he could definitely overachieve.

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Spurs fans will have to wait and see how the season plays out to see whether these superlatives are spot on. Fortunately, the start of the season is just days away.