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San Antonio Spurs: 5 Bold but possible results for 2021-22

Keldon Johnson, Dejounte Murray
Keldon Johnson, Dejounte Murray / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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The San Antonio Spurs are set to begin what is quickly shaping up to be an interesting and unpredictable season. After all, the Spurs have just one player over the age of 30, making this team among the youngest in franchise history. The team's youth movement is a long time in the making and represents a new chapter for the storied franchise.

While that could lead to some issues this season, it could also mean San Antonio's young roster may be more exciting than in years past as well. With all of this being said, let's examine five player superlatives for Spurs players heading into the 2021-22 season.

San Antonio Spurs
Derrick White / Alex Menendez/GettyImages

1. Most likely to score 50 points in a game this season

Without a proven go-to scorer on the team, the Spurs face uncertainty on offense after several of their most reliable scorers departed in free agency. Dejounte Murray and Derrick White are the most plausible options to pick up the scoring slack and lead the team in scoring while Keldon Johnson also has a chance to do so. 

While leading the team in scoring is an impressive distinction, scoring 50 points in a game is perhaps a more impressive feat, not to mention rarer. So which Spur is most likely to get hot and drop 50 in a game? I believe White is the most probable to do so, despite 29 points being his current career-high so far.

Why White? Because he’s a high-volume 3-point shooter who can also score effectively in the midrange and at the rim. Additionally, he’s hit seven threes in a game before, and that type of hot shooting is necessary for any player to be able to score 50 points in a game. 

Hypothetically, for White to score 50 in a game, he'd likely have to hit at least seven threes, get to the free-throw line, and score efficiently inside the arc. It would be a tall task, though White has the necessary skillset and the green light to be more aggressive on offense. That’s not to say that he’ll accomplish such a feat, but he's the most likely member of the Spurs to do so.