San Antonio Spurs: 5 Best Defenders of the 2021 NBA Draft

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San Antonio Spurs
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San Antonio Spurs Prospect 1: Evan Mobley - Center, USC

Finally, we end with Evan Mobley, who was debatably the most impactful rim protector in the entire NCAA this past season. He came in second place out of all college players in defensive win shares, seventh in blocks per game, and sixth in total rebounds all against very good competition in the Pac-12 Conference.

Mobley may be the prime example of what successful drop coverage looks like, as he was a complete disruptive force in the paint for USC. This type of coverage is generally seen quite often in the NBA, particularly when defending the pick-and-roll. Mobley's 7'4" wingspan made it extremely difficult for opposing players to sneak shots of any kind past him.

His fundamentals, positioning, and the angles he takes when defending drives are already elite and he was the very obvious difference-maker for his team on that side of the floor at all times. Even at the times he was drawn out of the paint in emergency perimeter situations, his speed, abnormally long strides, and long reach allowed him to reach the three-point line in surprisingly quick fashion, often catching shooters off-guard.

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At this point, Mobley's only drawback is his size, and he'll need to put on more weight in order to defend some of the league's bigger centers. That said, if he's able to put on weight and continue to hone his offense, he could quickly become a star in the league. If the Spurs are in a position to get him and are looking for a player with potentially organization-altering defensive potential, Evan Mobley is the guy.