San Antonio Spurs: 5 Best Defenders of the 2021 NBA Draft

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San Antonio Spurs
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San Antonio Spurs Prospect 2: Scottie Barnes - Power Forward, Florida State

Scottie Barnes could be yet another match made in heaven for the Spurs. For having the length of a power forward and not being a score-first player, Barnes is incredibly comfortable with the ball in his hands and may have some of the largest passing upside out of all big men in his class.

Although I generally don't like player comparisons of any kind, I don't mind the Draymond Green comparisons that Barnes has been receiving since the beginning of the college basketball season. While he isn't a good shooter, he has a long frame that, as he gets bigger and stronger, could use to grab boards and easy putbacks in the future, at the very least. If he continues to improve his handles, which are already above average for a guy of his size, he may even be able to attack closeouts.

Even without an established offensive game though, Barnes will be able to come in and make an immediate impact on defense, especially for a team missing a switchable defender. He's already an incredible on-ball defender, to the point that he would likely be competing as the team's best upon immediate entry into the league. Even when defending smaller guards, he's too agile for them to maneuver around and he's able to remain disruptive without fouling.

Like Garuba though, Barnes is just as great of a rotator and help defender. Particularly on passes around the wing, if the ball is even close to him, he's able to use his length very well to get a hand on the ball. It was made very clear in his play that it's incredibly difficult to get the ball around him. Generally speaking, it's very difficult to envision him coming into the league and becoming anything less than an above-average all-around defender. If he's able to put together any semblance of scoring ability, it could be game-over.