San Antonio Spurs: 5 Best Defenders of the 2021 NBA Draft

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The San Antonio Spurs are now just over one week away from the NBA Draft Lottery and fans everywhere are beginning to find themselves crossing their fingers for good luck. This year's draft class will be loaded with potentially franchise-altering players and every team toward the top will be looking to take advantage.

As it stands right now, given that none of the young core has yet to make the leap to stardom, the Spurs may be looking to take a wide-open approach on draft night. They will have tons of options to choose from and there's no telling what could happen. Given the Spurs' outside shooting woes from this past season, we recently put together a list of the draft's top ten shooters so as to point fans toward some possible snipers that the team may have their eyes on.

Shooting is far from the only thing the Spurs are in need of though, as they mightily struggled on the defensive end of the floor, particularly toward the end of the season. Being that the team lost LaMarcus Aldridge toward the middle of the season and that Jakob Poeltl didn't have much help on the inside apart from Drew Eubanks, pick-and-roll coverage from the Spurs took a noticeable nosedive.

Being that the Spurs felt extra pressure to help Poeltl on the inside so as to prevent easy buckets, the Spurs perimeter defense took a turn for the worse as well. Ultimately, the Spurs ended their season in the bottom half of the league on defense. If the Spurs have found any luck with acquiring good defenders in the past, it was in the draft. Here, we'll take a look at the 2021 NBA Draft's best defenders and briefly speak on what each player could bring to the Spurs next season and in the future.