4 Ways the Spurs Should Shift Strategy After Coach Pop's Record

San Antonio Spurs Gregg Popovich, Dejounte Murray
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Gregg Popovich
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2. The Spurs should do more calling up

The Spurs' recent flurry of trades not only netted them several picks but also opened up a roster spot. That may not seem important, especially after the trade deadline, but it could be. With two open roster spots (if Tomas Satoransky is bought out), they now have the ability to call up players from the NBA G League and try them out. 

This is a luxury San Antonio hasn't had in the past, as they've often been full up on roster spots. However, now they can call up any player that they believe might have potential. San Antonio has had a great track record with the NBA G League.

In fact, former players like Drew Eubanks, Jonathon Simmons, JaMychal Green, and Garrett Temple all spent time there before getting called up by the Spurs. They all turned into decent NBA players, and, maybe San Antonio finds another who's worth bringing back next season.