San Antonio Spurs: 4 Bold Predictions For Next Season

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Dejounte Murray will break the San Antonio Spurs triple-double record

Dejounte Murray has always had a knack for filling up the stat sheet but took it to an entirely new level this past season. He posted an impressive five triple-doubles, though was only officially credited with four due to the final one occurring in the play-in game against Memphis.

That unfortunate occurrence was the only thing in the way of him tying the Spurs single-season triple-double record set by Johnny Moore in the 1984-1985 season. Next season, he'll surely break the franchise record for a single-season triple-double. If he can continue to improve his court vision and continue to aggressively go after rebounds, he could possibly even double his total from last season.

Considering Murray entered this season with no triple-doubles, the fact that he was able to earn five in a single season shows a rapid level of growth in multiple facets of the game. In fact, even just looking at his stats alone this past season, Murray was able to increase his points per game average, assists per game, and rebounds per game, all on fewer fouls and turnovers.

Even if he can't manage to break the Spurs triple-double record though, if he is able to come into next season having made some progress on his jump shot, and perhaps even come in a few pounds heavier, he will be setting himself up for success in a big way.