4 Hot Takes from Spurs' Gutsy Effort Against Phoenix Suns

San Antonio Spurs Josh Primo
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3. Lonnie Walker Has It But Can’t Keep It

By that, I mean that we all know by now Lonnie Walker is the most athletically gifted player on the team, and if he just played as well as he could, he would be one of the best sixth men in the league. On Sunday, he finished with 22 points and shot 10/21 from the floor but an abysmal 0/5 from deep. We know he can hit those shots. He shot 35% from deep last season on the same number of attempts. This season, his percentage is down to 30%. 

Walker had five boards, two assists, and two steals, which are all in line or better than his season averages. But he also turned the ball over three times. His lackluster ball control has become expected, and yet again he ran into traffic on a fast break and lost the handle when he could have easily slowed down and ran a set play or kicked it out for an open shooter in the corner. Instead, Chris Paul came up with the ball.

Walker is incredibly frustrating to watch because his leaps of athleticism to the rim and hard-fighting defense make him so easy to enjoy watching, but when his shots don’t fall and when he takes his head out of the game, it becomes painful to watch and the trade machine looks awfully tempting.