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San Antonio Spurs: 4 Goals for Keldon Johnson to win Most Improved Player

Keldon Johnson - San Antonio Spurs v Portland Trail Blazers
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Adding a three-point shot will space the floor for the San Antonio Spurs

For Johnson to make a significant jump in his third season, he’ll have to show improvement as a shooter. While he shot the ball well in college, his success shooting the ball in the NBA has been mixed at best-- he connected on just 33.1% from three on 2.6 attempts.

Furthermore, Johnson shot fewer of them as the season progressed. This appeared to be the result of a loss of confidence in his shot, although it could have been to allow the Spurs' better three-point shooters to get a few more shots up per game.

While perhaps a bit concerning, his shooting issues can be tweaked without having to significantly alter his form. Additionally, with the first full off-season of his career, he’ll have a chance to work with Spurs' shooting coach Chip Engelland in hopes of getting his shot back on track before the start of next season.

Improving as a three-point shooter is imperative to his success given that Johnson’s likely primary offensive role going forward will be off-ball as a spot-up player who can attack close-outs. Were he able to shoot around 37% from three (on at least five attempts per game) he could potentially increase his scoring average by at least another 3 points per game next season. This could open up driving lanes for him as well, as defenders will have to remain more honest with him on the perimeter.