San Antonio Spurs: 4 Goals for next season

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Attempt at least 30 threes per game

In each of the past four seasons, the Spurs have finished in the bottom three in the league in three-point shot attempts. Additionally, with nearly half of the league's teams attempting at least 35 threes per game, the Spurs' lack of three-point shooting has put the team at a competitive disadvantage, statistically speaking.

For that reason, San Antonio should also aim to take at least 30 threes per game next season. The Spurs can accomplish this by having several of their rotation players increase their average number of attempts or adding shooters to replace potential veterans departures.

White led the team with 6.8 three-point attempts this season in just 29 minutes per game, and with an increase in minutes, he could easily average 8 per game. Additionally, with a possible improvement to their jump shots over the summer, Murray and Johnson could both increase their average number of attempts by at least a couple per game. Meanwhile, players like Walker and Vassell already take a high rate of threes and could stand to take even more now that they'll likely be playing more minutes.

An overall increase in attempts would not only signal the Spurs' willingness to play a more modern style of offense, but it could also help to boost their offensive rating. Because of their lack of three-point shooting and over-reliance on mid-range jumpers this past season, the Spurs finished just 21st in offensive rating.