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San Antonio Spurs: 3 Ways Thaddeus Young will propel rebuild

Thaddeus Young
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2. Young is already a good inside scorer

The Spurs were dead last in 3-pointers taken and 24th in 3-point percentage last season but were first in the entire league in two-point shots taken per game and second in makes. An NBA team can never really have enough scoring, and Thaddeus Young takes the Spurs to the next level with the two-point shot. 

Young takes fewer interior shots than DeMar DeRozan, but his efficiency is much higher, as he makes over half of his shots. In the draft and free agency, the Spurs did a good job of addressing their 3-point needs, but Young allows the Spurs to continue to pound the paint and midrange. 

With more shooters on the wing between new signings, draft picks, and Devin Vassell, Young has options to kick the ball out if his interior-heavy approach doesn’t work. Hopefully, with his frame and shot-taking ability, he won’t have to pass out of those situations and can score on his own, but it’s nice to have help. 

His Bulls were a slightly below-average 3-point shooting team last season in terms of shots attempted. Therefore, Young should be able to fit in very well with the Spurs’ new roster and make some small adjustments. 

The Spurs have a more balanced scoring approach than the Bulls of last season, so Young should be able to put up more shots with less defense on him. If he can score from the inside with high efficiency, no one will complain about his hesitancy to shoot from deep.