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San Antonio Spurs: 3 Ways John Collins would make Lonnie Walker even better

John Collins
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As the San Antonio Spurs gear up for 2021 free agency, a name that is almost constantly brought up is John Collins. The 23-year old power forward for the Atlanta Hawks has said he feels he’s deserving of a max deal. The Hawks front office seems to think this isn’t true while most Spurs fans would love to see San Antonio offer him a big-time contract. 

Collins would immediately make the Spurs a playoff lock. He provides scoring, rebounding, and defense, all of which the Spurs could use help with down low. Admittedly, he isn’t perfect, he does need some work. But at 23 years old, of course he needs to develop a little.

Lonnie Walker IV is also young, raw, and incredibly talented. Walker is on his way to being a reliable, perhaps even great, 3-point shooter. I think he will be and should be the primary ball-handler for the Spurs long-term. He does have his flaws though. 

If Collins signs with the Spurs, there is absolutely no reason why he shouldn’t immediately be entered into the starting lineup. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t play alongside Walker IV a lot, who should lead the bench in total minutes. In crunch time, Lonnie Walker could be the guy who hits big shots, like another Spurs sixth man of the past. Collins would undoubtedly be on the floor with Walker in times like that. 

While both players still need to work on the more refined aspects of the game, I think Collins can provide Lonnie with the boost he needs to become one of the most promising and prominent sixth men in the league.