Spurs: 3 Ways Murray's All-Star Selection Can Open More Doors

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3. Murray can help the Spurs get a franchise cornerstone

Following the Kawhi Leonard drama, the Spurs tried and failed to build around LaMarcus Aldridge and, later, DeMar DeRozan. With Murray, they have a much better chance of doing so, considering he's a highly skilled 25-year-old Swiss army knife who's still getting better.

In fact, they've already started, as shown by their trade deadline deals. It appears clear that the Spurs' plan is to move up in the NBA Draft in hopes of pairing him with a future star.                                          

To do that, they could package their four picks to trade up into the top three or, depending on where they land in the draft lottery, trade the other three picks to acquire an additional lottery pick. Either way, the Spurs are apparently looking to build around Murray through the draft.

Additionally, the team has several players on non-guaranteed deals or team options for next season. That and $30 million in cap space gives San Antonio a chance to drastically improve the team by tailoring the roster to fit his strengths.

Spurs fans are getting a taste of that now, following the Derrick White trade, which has put the ball in Murray's hands more. The results have certainly been encouraging. In the four games since the trade, the team is 3-1 and Murray is averaging 25 points and 11.5 assists.

All in all, Murray’s selection to the All-Star team could benefit the Spurs in several ways besides his obvious high-level play. With San Antonio in a rebuild, potential benefits like more national TV games, helping with recruitment, and providing them with a franchise cornerstone, will certainly come in handy.

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Murray's All-Star selection will definitely open more doors going forward.