Spurs: 3 Ways Murray's All-Star Selection Can Open More Doors

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2. Dejounte's star power can help with recruitment

San Antonio hasn't exactly been known as a free agency destination even with their prolonged success as a franchise. Despite that, things could change with Murray, who may eventually help them become players in free agency.

Nowadays, stars want to play with other stars, so Murray's new All-Star status will undoubtedly help San Antonio when one becomes available. Not only that, but as his star continues to rise, Murray could even help recruit players to San Antonio himself.

That's something the team hasn't had in the past, which has put them at a competitive disadvantage. However, with Murray, that will hopefully be a thing of the past. He appears to be very popular among his fellow players and those connections could prove useful going forward.

Additionally, when factoring in that San Antonio should be a cap space team for the next few seasons, they will have the financial flexibility to build around Murray. They can also potentially use his stardom to help persuade free agents. Better yet, Murray can do the same.