3 Underrated sharpshooters the Spurs should target

Drew Eubanks, Duncan Robinson
Drew Eubanks, Duncan Robinson / Ronald Cortes/Getty Images
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Even though the San Antonio Spurs failed to make the playoffs in 2019-20, they at least shot the ball accurately. That was far from the case this season. In a league where scoring 111 points per game now lands you in the bottom third in offensive rating, that's going to have to change.

The Spurs finished the season with a 46.2 percent overall shooting percentage, which had them at 20th in the league. Looking at their 3-point numbers is even more painful. San Antonio finished dead last in threes made (9.9) and attempted (28.4) per game.

Shooting fewer threes than most teams has been an ongoing trend for years in San Antonio, but they've always at least been relatively accurate. They broke that trend dramatically this season, shooting just 35 percent from beyond the arc to finish 24th. You don't need to be James Naismith to know that not shooting enough + bad shooting = poor results.

While outside shooting is just one of many issues the Spurs need to fix this offseason, it's becoming increasingly critical every year. There's no more running away from the 3-point line, and now's the time to fix a longstanding issue with the Silver and Black.

While some guys on the current roster need to work on their outside shot (looking at you, Keldon and Dejounte), there also needs to be a concerted effort by the organization to load up on guys that can and will make threes.

The 2021 free agency class has plenty of shooters to choose from, but these three in particular should be high on the Spurs' radar.