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San Antonio Spurs: 3 Trades to acquire an extra first-round pick

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Trade 2: Andrew Wiggins to the San Antonio Spurs for the 14th pick

Golden State appears poised to be the most expensive team in the NBA next season and will likely make moves to offload salary. Andrew Wiggins is owed a staggering $65.1 million over the next two seasons and is the most likely player on their roster to be moved.

That said, few teams can absorb his contract without sending back bad contracts to the Warriors, defeating the purpose of a salary dump. The Spurs, however, are one of the teams that could in exchange for the 14th pick.

While taking on Wiggins would be a steep price to pay, the 14th pick is a great asset. Also, Wiggins does provide some on-court value, taking some of the sting out of absorbing his contract. After all, in addition to being a good defensive player, Wiggins averaged a solid 18.6 points and 4.9 rebounds, with a career-high 56.8 true shooting percentage this season.

In regards to the 14th pick, the Spurs could use it to select from a number of solid prospects including players such as Alperen Sengun, Isaiah Jackson (who I recently covered), James Bouknight, Kai Jones, or Josh Giddey. Any of them would be great additions to the team and, when paired with the player selected 12th, would give them two young prospects that are also cost-controlled, helping offset Wiggins' salary.

Ultimately, a trade between the two teams would provide Golden State with significant financial relief and the Spurs an additional pick that could net them a very good young player. As for Wiggins' role in the trade, he is good enough on the court to tolerate overpaying him for the next two seasons, making the trade palatable.