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San Antonio Spurs: 3 most tradable Spurs in deal for Simmons

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San Antonio Spurs Trade Piece 2: DeMar DeRozan

Although DeMar DeRozan is the obvious candidate in forming a trade for Simmons, it would have to happen via a sign-and-trade deal. DeRozan will soon become an unrestricted free agent and the possibility remains that he walks from the Spurs for no return at all, let alone Ben Simmons.

That being said, if the playoffs told us anything about the Sixers, in my opinion, it's that they could use a player like DeRozan even if it means downgrading on defense. During clutch time in the playoffs this season, as a team, the Sixers recorded a box plus/minus of -2.3, which is good for the fourth-worst of all playoff teams. They also only averaged 6.7 points per game in those clutch situations, which is good for sixth out of eight teams that played at least four games containing clutch time.

While DeRozan wouldn't help to improve the Sixers' three-point shooting, he would certainly be a big help for the team during clutch time. Among all players in the league this past season, DeRozan had the third most clutch points. Considering that the Sixers had the second-best defensive rating in the league in the regular season and the second-best defensive rating in the playoffs, DeRozan's offensive contributions should be worth his defensive deficiencies.

Although many Sixers fans may disagree with that assessment, in terms of team needs, DeRozan would likely be the best immediate solution for them out of all players on this list.