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3 Things Keldon Johnson's huge year taught us

Keldon Johnson
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3. Keldon Has Star Potential

When a player tweaks their shot profile like Keldon did this season and is still able to efficiently torch defenses from all over the floor, it has all the makings of a bona fide offensive star. This year, he finished the season shooting 46.6% while taking his shots from a career-long average distance of 13.4 feet from the basket.

While the numbers may not make it explicitly obvious, he took steps toward becoming a more reliable defender as well. Never afraid to gamble and make a play, Keldon repeatedly helped on defense by reaching in to knock the ball loose, often doing it without fouling.

He has the physical tools to become a rock solid defender, so it's small habits like this that make it reasonable to believe he can get there before long. After playing 56% of his minutes at power forward this year, he's shown he can be a plus defender just about anywhere on the court.

Overall, Keldon Johnson is as talented as anyone else at his age in the NBA. There's a relatively clear path for him to ascend to the level of a Brandon Ingram type player and become one of the best young wings in this league.

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I think his 2021-22 season showed us that if he stays on his current trajectory, he can become the Spurs' next star that propels them to playoff contention.