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Spurs: 3 Teams that could persuade Lonnie Walker to leave San Antonio

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2. Miami Heat could help get the most out of Lonnie Walker's talents

A few things would have to happen to make the Miami Heat a viable suitor for Walker. First and foremost, the Heat would likely have to move on from Duncan Robinson. But what what was an unthinkable prospect just a year ago now looks almost likely after Robinson fell flat in the first season of a five-year, $90 million deal.

Robinson went from undrafted gem to a potential salary cap breaker in the span of a few months. And after getting benched in the postseason, an occurrence that stunk for everyone involved, the Heat could be looking to move Robinsons's contract. If they're able to do that, Walker would make an interesting replacement option.

Maybe a simple change of scenery is what Walker needs to bring out the best in himself. And if there's a team in the league that can push consistency on Lonnie and get the most out of his athletic abilities, it's the Heat.

With Tyler Herro openly making a push for a starting role in Miami, there's going to be a void to fill on the bench. Walker would fit in well as a spark plug scoring option and secondary playmaker, similar to the role that Herro held this season. But again, this is largely dependent on the Heat's ability to move Robinson's contract. If they can't do that, then the potential of Walker returning to his college stomping grounds is dead in the water.