Spurs: 3 Starting Lineup Changes to Re-energize the Team

Devin Vassell
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The San Antonio Spurs have had to deal with their fair share of injuries and COVID-related absences this season. That said, when healthy, their starting lineup has largely been the same. Maybe the Spurs should look to shake things up. 

After all, they’re well below .500 and trying something different couldn't hurt. While the current starting unit has been solid, changing things up could provide the team with a much-needed spark. Not only that, but it could possibly help the Spurs in the long term.

Here are three starting lineup changes that could re-energize the team. 

San Antonio Spurs
Devin Vassell / Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

1. Start Devin Vassell, bench Doug McDermott

Spurs forward Doug McDermott has managed to live up to expectations since joining the team this past summer and has even started every game he's played for the Silver and Black. Despite that, maybe coach Gregg Popovich should look at inserting Devin Vassell into the starting lineup. 

Why? Vassell is a big defensive upgrade over McDermott and also has plenty of offensive potential. As a result, the move to start Vassell seems inevitable, and the Spurs should look to fast-track his development by making him a starter now in the hopes that it pays dividends later. San Antonio took a similar approach with both Dejounte Murray and Keldon Johnson early in their careers.

Both players have been better for it, so they should do the same with Vassell. Promoting Vassell could also help the team this season by giving them one of the best defensive starting fives in the NBA. That's something that could carry over into next season, so the Spurs would be wise to try Vassell out in the starting lineup now.