Spurs: 3 Cheap sharpshooters to replace McDermott's hefty contract

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3. Otto Porter, Golden State Warriors

3P% in 2021-22: 37
Salary in 2021-22: $2.38 million

Another shooter the Spurs could keep tabs on this summer is Golden State Warriors forward Otto Porter. After shooting 34.9% from three in his first three seasons with the Washington Wizards, the 28-year-old has shot 37% or better from the 3-point line in his last six seasons in the NBA.

While the 6-8 forward has spent most of his career at the three slot, Porter's season with the Warriors saw him as strictly a frontcourt player switching between being a small-ball power forward and center this season. That kind of positional versatility is becoming more commonplace in a league where positions are starting to become less and less relevant by the season.

Beyond shooting from the perimeter at a high clip, Porter also rebounds very well and already has experience on a team prioritizing playing basketball the right way with a heavy influence taken from the San Antonio Spurs' style of play.

Among rotation players, only Doug McDermott (39.9) and Josh Richardson (41.3) had a better shooting rate from the above-the-break three spot than Porter's 38.8%.

In his analysis of underrated free agency targets, Grant Hughes recently shared what he thought might be in store for the nine-year veteran this summer.

"Porter could find it difficult to secure a significant raise. The tax-hit Warriors know how valuable he is, but they may not have the stomach for a pay bump. Smart teams will realize Porter is worth something close to the mid-level exception and pounce."

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Porter was paid just $2.38 million on his one-year deal signed last August.