Spurs: 3 Cheap sharpshooters to replace McDermott's hefty contract

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2. Gary Harris, Orlando Magic

3P% in 2021-22: 38.4
Salary in 2021-22: $20.4 million (last year of Nuggets extension)

He might not still be producing as much as he was in his prime Denver Nuggets days, but Gary Harris is still very much a scoring threat in this league. Spurs fans might best remember Harris for his first-round performance in the 2019 NBA Playoffs against them, one in which he buried a blistering 46.7 of his trifectas.

Harris averaged 14.7 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 2.4 assists in that series and pitched in an effective 41-minute Game 7 series to help Denver clinch the series. While his usual numbers are below that, his 37% mark from downtown over the last two years shows he still has an impressive outside stroke.

This season, Harris knocked down 38.4% of his 3-pointers on a career-high 5.0 attempts per game. Accuracy and quantity of threes are both areas in which the Spurs could stand to improve.

Defensively, Harris has always been well above average on-ball and would fit in nicely with the growing number of two-way wings on the roster.

Not much has been speculated so far about what Harris could command in free agency, but it certainly shouldn't be expected to be anywhere near the $20.4 million he made in the final year of his extension considering his age and production.