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Spurs: 3 Rotation Guys Who Might Be Replaced by Lottery Pick

San Antonio Spurs Jakob Poeltl
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2. Drew Eubanks

Continuing on with the hypothetical of the Spurs drafting Holmgren, Drew Eubanks would also be affected by his selection. Next season will be Eubanks' final year under contract, and while he’s currently the team’s backup center, he’d be bumped down to third in the depth chart. 

But San Antonio could have a log jam at center with Jock Landale and Zack Collins both possibly returning (depending on whether the Spurs pick up their options). Were that the case, the Spurs could look to trade Eubanks, given that he has the highest trade value of the three players and could possibly net the team a good second-round pick.

Even if neither or one of Landale or Collins are retained, the chances of Eubanks staying beyond next season would also appear slim, with him also likely seeking a bigger role in free agency. Therefore, much like with Poeltl, Eubanks could also be displaced by the Spurs if they were to draft someone like Holmgren.