Spurs: 3 Must-fix problems to address for 2022 NBA season

By Jon Soto
Gregg Popovich, Derrick White
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 San Antonio Spurs
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2. The Spurs need more playmaking 

Spurs players tend to make the right plays. Coach Pop has rarely had a guy go rogue trying to create home-run plays (with the exception of the great Manu Ginobili). Maybe it’s time players on the roster become empowered to take more chances. 

I know the bane of coach Pop’s existence are turnovers and sloppy play, and I’m not advocating for either. What I’m calling for is a roster featuring more explosive playmakers. 

The Spurs ranked 16th in the league for the season in assist per game. They were 23rd post-All-Star game. The positives within San Antonio’s playmaking numbers are their low turnover numbers (11.4 per game, good for second in the league) and their assist-to-turnover percentage (second in the league). 

I would argue that those turnover numbers aren’t doing the team any good if the team struggles to shoot, posts the 19th ranked offense, and plays at a snail’s pace. 

Empowering the players on the roster to play at a faster pace, shoot more from distance and take more playmaking chances would bode well for the development of the roster and might even lead to better offensive efficiency numbers. 

The Spurs' front office should target players that are adept at breaking down defenses and getting downhill in a hurry. 

While playing at a frenetic pace with no structure or reason for doing so would be foolish, San Antonio’s staff should really look to value explosive playmakers during the offseason. Adding just one player like that to the roster could open up the floor for better driving lanes and more open 3-pointers.