Spurs: 3 Positive Trends That Show Playoff Promise

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3. When in Doubt, Let DJ Take Control

Dejounte Murray is by far the best player on the Spurs’ roster, and luckily for fans, the rest of the roster knows that. He fell short of a triple-double in the win but led both teams with 33 points and 11 assists. He also put up seven rebounds, two steals, and two blocks in case the 11/18 shooting wasn’t good enough. 

I watched the game on the Rockets' broadcast, and Craig Ackerman and Ryan Hollins both quickly agreed that Murray was “far and away the best player on the court.” They tried to downplay what they said by suggesting that Jalen Green would be just as good very soon and that Kevin Porter has a lot of talent, but their first remarks were by far the truest.

Once the Spurs make the play-in tournament, they will probably have to win two games in a row to advance.

When they clinch a spot in the tournament, I hope we can set aside the tank vs win discourse that has been super productive and instead hope our team can go as far as possible. Winning two games in a row with all the pressure in the world is no easy task, but the Spurs can take some comfort in knowing that they have one of the best players on their court on any given night.

Most likely, the Spurs will have to play the Lakers or Pelicans to start the play-in. Let’s be honest. Based on the health and wear-and-tear of those teams, Murray might be the best player on any of them.

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LeBron James is a broken man, Russell Westbrook isn’t exactly scary, and Anthony Davis has not played in what feels like several years. At the risk of sounding like Max Kellerman, give me MURRAY.