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San Antonio Spurs: 3 Positive things Joshua Primo can bring

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San Antonio Spurs: Joshua Primo is actually a great shooter

While I expected the Spurs to add a power forward or center in round one, shooting was also a priority that needed to be addressed. Primo shot 38% from deep, which isn’t the best in the NCAA but considering he’s only 18 (the youngest in the draft), his numbers could boom over time. 

Alabama was the 109th-best 3-point shooting team in the NCAA last season at just over 35%. Primo individually shot better than that. While 109 seems to be absolutely awful, keep in mind there are 356 Division I schools. So he was one of the best shooters on a top-third team.

Of all the Crimson Tide, Primo was the second-best shooter who took over three attempts a night. He is not a great ball-handler, but between Tre Jones, Dejounte Murray, Lonnie Walker IV, and Derrick White, the Spurs don’t really need ball-handlers. Primo is 6-6, so he can wait in the corner or shoot over any closing-out defenders. 

On a team that struggles for shooting, Primo could be a surprising breath of fresh air. In a few seasons, he could develop into a more athletic Klay Thompson. Sound unrealistic? Maybe. But Primo was not that far behind Thompson in terms of college 3-point shooting. Primo won’t be on that level right away, but in five years, he’ll only be 23, so his ceiling as a shooter is very high.