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Spurs: 3 Players most unlikely to be on next year’s roster

San Antonio Spurs Trey Lyles
San Antonio Spurs Trey Lyles / Ronald Cortes/Getty Images
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With the San Antonio Spurs falling short of the playoffs for a second straight season, everyone knows major changes need to be made. Although injuries and COVID protocols may have been more responsible for team struggles than anything else, there's no doubt there are major holes on the current roster.

The 2020-21 Spurs struggled on both ends of the floor, finishing 21st in offensive rating and 17th defensively. While many deficiencies were the cause for this, the biggest problem for San Antonio all season long was the 3-point line.

The Spurs' 3-point shyness reared its ugly head in a massive way this season, as they finished dead-last in attempts and 24th in shooting percentage. Of their regular rotation players, only Rudy Gay and Patty Mills shot above 36 percent from long range this season at 38.1 and 37.5 percent, respectively.

Defensively, the Spurs did a good job of limiting 3-pointers attempted, finishing ninth in the league. Unfortunately, opponents drained 37.7 percent of those attempts, which had the Spurs finish eighth-worst in the NBA.

Beyond perimeter problems, the Spurs also allowed more rebounds per game than all but one team at 47.4.

It's clear this team needs help in several aspects to keep up with the modern style of the NBA. While some help will likely come via free agency and the NBA Draft, that means some guys will need to hit the road this summer.

I've previously written my opinion on who should play, sit, or be let go out of the entire roster. Now it's time to objectively look at three guys whose careers in San Antonio are likely ending before next season. I'll start with a name everyone is expecting.