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San Antonio Spurs: 3 Players who should be on a short leash

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2. Drew Eubanks

It's probably hard to have a shorter leash for someone already averaging just 13.5 minutes per game in the last two seasons, but this one is more about things beyond the control of Drew Eubanks. While he's been a serviceable backup big in San Antonio, other arrivals to the team should probably mean his minutes need to stay limited.

New signee Jock Landale offers an intriguing combination of having length and toughness while also being able to knock down threes. Zach Collins also showed promise before injuries began to sideline him for long stretches at a time. Should he still be in San Antonio, Thaddeus Young also brings more of an all-around game than Eubanks currently possesses.

The bottom line is Eubanks can play but others on the roster have more of an all-around game. If the Spurs are short on bigs due to injury or in need of some strength inside, he still has worth, but there shouldn't be a huge demand for his services given the current roster.

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3. Luka Samanic

Including Luka Samanic on this list might be confusing for a couple of reasons. One, isn't he already on a short leash with how infrequently he plays? And two, has he done anything particularly horrible to warrant being pulled quicker than other guys?

To the second point, I say not yet -- but he's getting there. Although he had a few nice drives against Detroit to finish with six points in game two of the preseason, I've still seen hints of disinterest from him at times.

Maybe I'm reading too much into his body language or projecting something that was clearly evident at the beginning of last season. After all, he still hasn't gotten more than a handful of minutes in the preseason. Still, I'm not the only one who's noticed he sometimes doesn't look as engaged as he should be.

With a loaded roster in terms of young talent, Samanic is running out of time to prove to Coach Popovich that he belongs in the regular rotation. The leash I'm referring to here isn't necessarily one that should be short due to mistakes he makes, but more so his level of engagement on the court.

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Again, maybe I'm reading things wrong, and I hope I am. But I want to see the locked-in Luka that returned from a huge stint in Austin last season. No one should be giving up on the 21-year-old quite yet, but he'll need to show us all more before things start to lean in that direction.