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San Antonio Spurs: 3 Players who should be on a short leash

San Antonio Spurs Bryn Forbes
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1. Bryn Forbes

As deadly as he is from the outside, there are several reasons to consider having a short leash on Bryn Forbes. For one, his leash was considerably longer than it should've been in his final season with the Spurs.

That season, Forbes averaged 25.1 minutes a night -- more than guys like Derrick White (24.7), Keldon Johnson (17.7), and Lonnie Walker (16.2). While that may have contributed to the Spurs finishing ninth in the NBA in offensive rating, it also was a big reason they finished 25th in defensive rating.

While those three sat on the bench, the Spurs were getting torched for 116.3 points per 100 possessions when Forbes was on the floor -- by far the worst on the team. As LJ Ellis of SpursTalk put it a couple of years ago, the Spurs were operating as a top 10 defense when he sat and were the worst defensive team when he was on the court.

By essentially any metric you could measure him, Bryn was at or near the bottom for his position as a defender. While his numbers didn't look as bad playing for the NBA champion Milwaukee Bucks last season, that was obviously a much different situation than he's in this year.

While Forbes is still great for spacing and can help when the Spurs' offense is sputtering, there's simply no reason he should average near the minutes he did in his last stint with the team. Throw him out there for stretches and see what he can bring with his marksmanship and ability to space the floor. But if he's hurting more than helping, it'd be wise for Coach Pop to tighten the reins much more this time around.