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Spurs: 3 Players destined to break the "Spurs are boring" narrative

Dejounte Murray
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3. Lonnie Walker

Lonnie Walker is easily the most explosive athlete on the team and is definitely the most likely to throw down a vicious dunk, an acrobatic layup, or dish a no-look pass. Additionally, with his 3-point shooting, he has the ability to get hot and score in quick bursts when he’s feeling it. 

That microwave scoring capability could serve him well now that he's the team’s de facto sixth man. There, he’ll have an opportunity to be the primary or secondary scorer and playmaker as opposed to the fourth or fifth option he was last season. 

With his new role, Spurs fans should expect more of the same highlight reel and GIF-worthy type of plays that they’ve become accustomed to. Hopefully, that means Walker will play more aggressively and more consistently than before and will lead to him having a breakout season.

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Murray, Johnson, and Walker are all compelling players and could help the Spurs shed their outdated and inaccurate characterization. With a much younger roster than in years past, the “baby Spurs” could help invigorate a franchise that has long been labeled as “boring”.