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Spurs: 3 Players destined to break the "Spurs are boring" narrative

Dejounte Murray
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2. Keldon Johnson

Now in his third season, Keldon Johnson appears to have taken a step forward with his offensive game. In the preseason, he ranked second in scoring on the team, averaging 15 points per game along with four rebounds and 2.2 assists in just 25.2 minutes per game. 

While his offensive growth is definitely an exciting development, Johnson has already made something of a name for himself with his fearless and often bruising drives to the basket. These drives have led to a number of exciting plays at the rim, including some pretty nasty dunks. 

Those plays seem more likely to continue now that he’s added a euro-step to his arsenal, allowing him to get all the way to the rim much easier. As a result, that could mean more thunderous dunks, muscle flexes, and shouting to get Spurs fans and his teammates hyped.

In fact, part of the reason Johnson is so electrifying to watch is his high energy level. While he is certainly talented, his hustle plays are part of what makes his game so fun. He runs the floor hard in transition, plays hard-nosed defense, dives for loose balls, crashes the offensive glass, and beats his defensive assignment with backdoor cuts.

With Johnson now likely San Antonio's third scoring option, Spurs fans should expect to see even more of those high-energy plays that have made him a fan favorite.