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Spurs: 3 Players destined to break the "Spurs are boring" narrative

Dejounte Murray
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After having been labeled "boring" for years, the San Antonio Spurs appear destined to reinvent themselves. After all, with a roster full of young and exciting players, this team differs drastically from previous versions of the Spurs that won with suffocating defense and efficient half-court offense.

If the preseason is any indication, this young Spurs team is poised to play much faster, shoot significantly more threes, and outhustle older and more talented teams. Additionally, there are three players in particular that could help San Antonio break the stereotype due to their exciting, highlight-reel-worthy style of play.

Which players are they? Let’s examine who is destined to break the "Spurs are boring" narrative.

Dejounte Murray, Rodney Hood
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1. Dejounte Murray

While San Antonio is definitely a young team, there is one bridge from the last great Spurs team to this one -- Dejounte Murray. Murray is now in his sixth season and is expected to take on a leadership role in addition to being the team’s best all-around player.

Additionally, as the team's lead ball-handler, he’ll have much more of a chance to show just why he’s among the Spurs' most exciting players. For starters, he’s the most confident player on the team and it shows in his play. Even during bad games, his confidence and effort level never wavers and he's often able to still make an impact on the glass and with his passing and defense. 

Speaking of defense, Murray is one of the league's most exciting on-ball defenders. He has a distinct ability to lock down his man while also playing the passing lanes, resulting in him leading San Antonio in steals and helping the team get out in transition. In the fastbreak, he's electric and is able to use his speed to beat defenders down the court for powerful dunks and set up teammates for threes or layups. 

In the half-court, his flashy handles and improvement as a pick and roll ball-handler help him break down defenses. He’s also emerged as one of the league's best mid-range shooters and has shown drastic improvement as a passer as evident by a career-high 5.4 assists per game last season. In addition to his rapidly developing court vision, he’s able to knife his way into the paint and finish with acrobatic layups or find teammates for open threes.

All in all, Murray’s stellar two-way ability means he’s always worth keeping an eye on when he’s on the court. Also, after registering five triple-doubles last season, he’s likely to capture the attention of NBA fans in general, as well as the rest of the league, with his well-rounded play.