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SA Spurs: 3 Players who could break into the starting lineup

Devin Vassell - San Antonio Spurs v Brooklyn Nets
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San Antonio Spurs backup center Jock Landale

While there's some evidence suggesting that Drew Eubanks has been using the offseason to improve his jump shot, ultimately, I think Jock Landale will be the one initially coming off the bench.

While Eubanks certainly has the edge as an athlete, Landale is more of a sure bet when it comes to his perimeter shooting at the moment. Not only that, but he rebounds well, can run the court, and generally plays smart basketball. In his words, he finds success by "doing the dirty work."

Recently, I called Landale the steal of free agency. I like to think of him as a sort of anti-Jakob Poeltl. Like Poeltl, Landale isn't particularly athletic and relies mostly on skill and solid fundamentals to see success. Unlike Poeltl, though, Landale's success comes on the offensive end of the floor. He can shoot the ball, finish through contact, and has tremendously underrated footwork in the post.

I can see one of two possible situations coming to fruition this coming season. If Poeltl struggles from the floor, then Landale could outright replace him in the starting lineup. On the other hand, if Landale shoots well from three and Poeltl can keep up his impressive defense, I think the two players can share the court.

If Poeltl and Landale were to play together, Landale would have to play as the team's starting power forward, assumingly sending Doug McDermott to the bench. The pairing would have some serious potential to add more rebounding, height, and shooting to the starting unit all in one player.